I am a retired civil engineer. In 2017, I came to Vancouver to visit My daughter Maria, who was studying at the University of British Colombia. I fell in love with the glorious City of Vancouver and decided to stay.
My venture started when My daughter and I rented a suite in Jerry's house in an area not far from the university. Jerry is retired as well, and We get along very well. He has happily allowed me to use his well-equipped workshop and deal with the scrap wood collected in His backyard from home teardowns in the local area.
I have spent my whole working life in engineering. My true passion has always been the beauty of unique art in all its forms.
The pandemic has given me the time to develop techniques to reshape the scrap wood. I have come up with unique table lamps, spiritual wood carvings, wood-burning picture panels, and lovely handmade wood frames for my paints; I practice painting and photography as well.
Recycling is my work's basic idea, and the leftover scrap wood is my primary material; I recycle it and turn it into fresh, vibrant artistic creations.
The various sizes, shapes, and quantities of wood I get are my primary inspiration source.
It is the early stage of My venture, and much more to come.
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